Haselbury Plucknett And Their Best Driveways Contractor

Haselbury Plucknett

Haselbury Plucknett Traditional SignpostHaselbury Plucknett is a village found on the River Parrett in Somerset. It is located 6 miles outside of Yeovil. At the last census, the population of Haselbury Plucknett was 744.

The village is well-known for the fact that after the Norman Conquest, it was one of only a few areas which kept its Saxon owner.

Haselbury Bridge is one of the more notable monuments within the village. It is a gorgeous stone bridge which dates back to the 14th Century. Up until the 19th Century, it was one of the main routes between Salisbury and Exeter.

the white horse of Haselbury

The White Horse of Haselbury

Owing to the small size of the village, there is little to do here. There used to be a post office and a newsagent, although both of them closed down due to lack of business. There is a pub in the village, though. It is called The White Horse of Haselbury, and it attracts many people from both inside and outside of the village.

There are two churches within the village. The first is the Anglican Church of St. Michael and All Angels. This church dates back to the 14th Century. There used to be another church standing on the site. It is here that Sait Wulfric came in 1125. In order to completely withdraw himself from society, he lived in a cell next to the church. He lived here for 29 years, completely alone. The church went through a restoration during the Victorian era, but other than small changes, particularly to the Chancel, the building remains how it would have looked back in the medieval period.

Haselbury Plucknett ChurchThe second church is a Protestant church. While many of the residents of Haselbury Plucknett are protestant, the church is mostly used by the local school to perform plays. It really is a stunning building, although it is nowhere near as old as the Anglican equivalent.

The day-to-day running of the village is carried out by the Parish council. Somerset County Council look after education and social service matters within the village. Yeovil county constituency provides the MP for the village of Haselbury Plucknett.

Interestingly, to us anyway , driveways in and around Haselbury Plucknett have some of the finest examples of driveway work in the country.  There are also a few dodgy ones so if yours is one of those please do give us a call and we will see your right.  Take a look at our reviews and be sure to ask for names and numbers of people you can talk to about the work we have done.

We don’t see too many beautiful resin-bound driveways around yet, but they are growing in popularity.  Block driveways and paths are still in high demand because frankly they just plain work.


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