Hinton St. George


Hinton St George High Street

Hinton St George High Street

Hinton St. George, often referred to as simply Hinton, is a beautiful village in Somerset. Some regard Hinton as being the ‘best kept secret’ in Somerset. In fact, many don’t even seem to realise that the place exists. As a result, it has kept a distinct rural charm to it, both community wise and the location of the village (surrounded by beautiful rolling hills)

Hinton St. George can trace its heritage back to the 12th Century. Right up to the middle of the 20th Century, it was actually a feudal village. This means that, at one stage, it was one of the oldest feudal villages in the United Kingdom. This is, in part, one of the reasons as to why Hinton has changed little over the years and why it still retains its charm. It never really had an opportunity to expand.


A lot of the ancient history of Hinton is still in place. This includes the beautiful 13th Century Church which forms a focal point of the village. The medieval manor house, home to the Poulett Family, sits opposite the church. This also has its own private chapel.

hinton st george churchUp until the 1940s, there were regular cattle fairs held throughout the village. In fact, the main high street in Hinton St. George was built specifically for this purpose. It is a far wider road than you would normally expect from villages like this.

Many of the old buildings in the village, including the five private farms, have now been made into private residences. Nearly all of the 200ish buildings within Hinton are listed buildings. This includes the school, built in 1850, which has delivered education to the residents of the village.

Nowadays, those who stumble across Hinton will be stumbling across a fantastic part of British history. While Hinton in Somerset has never really played a major role in the development of the country, it is a fantastically preserved village which harks back to the times of old. It is unlikely that this is going to be changing any time soon either. The entire village thrives on being seen like this.

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