Kingsbury Regis, Somerset

Kingsbury Regis is a hamlet in the parish of Milborne Port.

Kingsbury Regis in Somerset

The area round Kingsbury has been inhabited for centuries. In fact, this is one of only a few areas in the United Kingdom which has shown evidence the dinosaurs walked there, particularly around the Middle Jurassic era.

The earliest human inhabitation of Kingsbury has been dated back to the Iron Age, with an Iron Age Hill Fort located in the immediate area.

While Kingsbury Regis is considered part of Milborne Port, nowadays, in the early 1800s it was described as its own independent area. Back then, it had a total number of voters as 9. Its defining feature was a church with 6 bells. The area was well-known for its manufacture of stockings and shoes, although none of that currently occurs within Kingsbury Regis.

Kingsbury Regis was brought into the rest of Milborne Port in the early 1800s.Interior, St John the Evangelist - Milborne Port

Kingsbury Regis is governed by the parish council for Milborne Port. Their job is to ensure that the roads in the area are well-maintained. They also work with the local police to ensure that crime is kept to the absolute minimum, although Kingsbury Regis has never really had a high crime rate.

Issues related to planning, building control and environmental health are dealt with by the South Somerset district, with the education, social services and libraries dealt with by Somerset County Council.

Up until the early 1800s, the parish that Kingsbury is located in used to have its own MP in the Houses of Parliament. However, a lot of conflict by running parties, particularly when it came to gerrymandering, meant that Kingsbury lost its seat in parliament. Instead, the MP comes from the Somerton and Frome County Constituency.

High Street ,Milborne Port, SomersetThere are few historical buildings of note in Kingsbury Regis, with most people heading into the nearby Milborne Port for services and the like. The young children who live in Kingsbury Regis go to school in Milborn Port, although this is a small school, rising populations in the region has meant that it is likely to expand in the coming years.




What a beautiful place.  Perfect for a bespoke resin-bound driveway.

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