Marston Magna

Marston Magna, with a little over 500 inhabitants, is one of the smallest villages in Somerset. It can be found just 5 miles outside of Yeovil.

Manor House, Marston Magna

Manor House,Church Street, Marston Magna

Marston Magna has one of the most-explainable names for a village in Somerset. It, literally, means ‘settlement by a marsh’.
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Marston Magna, British History

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Before the Norman Conquest of England, the area was split up into 9 separate estates, although they were very quickly joined up during the Normal occupation. While the Manor House from this period no longer stands, you can still visit the location where it once was. The moat is still in place. The current manor house in Marston Magna can be found on Church Green. It has been dated back to 1613.

The Church of St. Mary stands in Marston Magna. It can be dated back to the Norman Conquest of England. However, the bulk of the building was constructed in 1360. Further construction was carried out in the 15th Century. It is now a Grade I listed building.

Marston Magna is mentioned in the book ‘The English Patient’. One of the characters in the book, Madox, came from the area. However, when it came to bringing the movie to the ‘big screen’, Marston Magna was not referenced. In fact, instead of Madox coming from the village, he came from a completely different county altogether.

There is little in the way of amenities within Marston Magna. Due to the village’s close proximity to Yeovil, the bulk of the population head to the town to get their entertainment.

Marston Magna- Church of the Blessed Virgin MaryThe day-to-day running of Marston Magna is carried out by the parish council who collect taxes from the local inhabitants. Their job is to ensure that the police are kept up to date with developments in the area, as well as ensuring that parish facilities are kept well-maintained.

Road maintenance, housing, and refuse collection are within the remit of the South Somerset District. Somerset County Council is responsible for the larger services for the residents of Marston Magna. This includes public transport, policing, fire standards, waste disposal, and education.

The MP for Marston Magna comes under the Somerton and Frome County Constituency.

One of the joys of selling and building driveways in Somerset is the sheer beauty of the place.  What a treat to drive around here.

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