Misterton is a small village located a mile outside of Crewkerne in Somerset. It used to be part of the hundred of Crewkerne, although it now has its own parish council who keep an eye out for local issues.


High Street, Misterton

High Street, Misterton

Misterton has a surprising amount of autonomy over its local affairs. Nearly everything about the running of the parish goes through the local parish council. This includes road repair and the like. The district council has a role in the larger running of Misterton, but the bulk goes through the parish council.

Crewkerne railway station, Somerset

Crewkerne railway station, Somerset

For a small village, Misterton has decent transport connections. It is home to the Crewkerne Railway Station, which sits upon the Exeter to London Waterloo Line. It also has easy access to both the A356 and A3066 roads. Several bus and coach services also pass through the village Monday to Saturday.

Perhaps the highlight of Misterton is the Manor House, which can be traced back to the 18th Century. This means that it is a relatively new manor house, but it looks just as gorgeous as older buildings.

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The Church of St. Leonard can be found in the centre of Misterton. This church was built in 1840 by Sampson Kempthorne. It is especially notable because it has been constructed from hamstone. It is now a Grade II listed building, which means that it has been protected by English Heritage.

The oldest buildings in Misterton include Old Court, Court Close, Court Palace and Old Court Cottage. These buildings have been in place since the 16th Century. They have gone through several changes over the years, mostly becoming linked to form a single dwelling, although they are now each their own property.

The other ‘old’ building in Misterton comes in the form of the Globe Inn. This dates back to the 17th Century, and still stands today as a source of entertainment for the locals. This is the only drinking establishment in the village, owing to the fact that Misterton has a smaller population than the norm, with it being recorded at 826 at the last census back in 2011.

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