North Cadbury

North Cadbury is a village located 5 miles outside of Wincanton.

Cadbury Castle

Cadbury Castle

There are several interesting elements of North Cadbury. However, the nearby Cadbury Castle is perhaps the most interesting. While this castle is interesting enough on its own, keen lovers of English Legend may be enthralled to know that this castle plays a major role in the legend of King Arthur. It is said that this place is Camelot.

The first reference to North Cadbury was in the Domesday Book of 1086. The Manor House was owned by the standard-bearer to William the Conqueror, the famed winner at the Battle of Hastings. For such a small village (there are under 1000 inhabitants in North Cadbury), there has been a lot of strife in the region, with the land passing between owners several times over the years, mostly due to conflicts within the United Kingdom such as the current landowner not supporting the reigning monarch.

Just outside of North Cadbury is Sparkford Wood. This is a 20.7 acre area of woodland which has been defined as an area of Special Scientific Interested. Unlike many major woodland areas in the United Kingdom, Sparkford Wood, it is relatively new. The area can only be dated back to the 18th Century. It was no doubt planted to keep up with the growing demand for wood throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the British Empire.

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Galhampton Manor House

Galhampton Manor House

Other major landmarks in the area include Galhampton Manor House. It can be traced back to 1723. it is currently a Grade II listed building, and is one of several located within the village of North Cadbury.

The Church of St. Michael in the village has been dated back to 1417. It is a Grade 1 listed building. North Cadbury Court is located next to the church. This place was constructed by Sir Francis Hastings back in 1580. The court is currently owned by the Langham family.

Each year, around 1,200 descend upon the village to enjoy the festival ‘Party in the Park’. While it is not as large as some festivals out there, it is surprisingly exciting.

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