West Chinnock

West Chinnock is a small village found in Somerset, England. It can be found four miles outside of Crewkerne. It has a population of around 600 people, making it one of the smaller villages in Somerset.

Manor Farm House - West Chinnock

Manor Farm House – West Chinnock

Little is known about the early history of West Chinock. We are still unsure as to where the name came from. We do know that a Roman Burial was carried out in the nearby area, but there is no information about whether the area was inhabited before that. Up until the Saxon era, both West Chinnock and Middle Chinnock were the same place, although they had been separated by the Norman Conquest. For most purposes, they are still claimed to be one and the same.

The Manor Farmhouse, located in West Chinnock, was built in the 16th Century, although the exact year is unknown.

The Parish Church of Saint Margaret is found in Middle Chinnock. It has been dated back to the 12th Century, although portions of the building were made in the 15th Century, with the final stages being completed in the 19th Century. It is currently a Grade II listed building.

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St Marys Church - West Chinnock

St Marys Church – West Chinnock

There is a second parish church, located in West Chinnock. This is the Church of Saint Mary. It was originally built in the 13th Century. However, none of the original building remains. It was completely rebuilt in the 19th Century.

Owing to the small size of the village, there is little to do here other than explore the beautiful streets and look at the stunning old buildings. Many of the inhabitants, when they need to shop, will head into Crewkerne.

For the most part, the village of West Chinnock is autonomous, with most local issues being dealt with by the local parish council. This includes the maintenance and improvement of roads in the local area. The district council of South Somerset deals with larger issues, including environmental health and markets. The major aspects of the running of the village, including social services, education, and public transport falls under the remit of Somerset County Council. The village is represented in government in the Yeovil county constituency.

Church of St. Margaret - Middle Chinnock

Church of St. Margaret – Middle Chinnock



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