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Yeovil is a town in South Somerset, roughly 130 miles from London. At the last census, it had a population of over 45,000.

Agusta Westland - Yeovil

Courtesy of Agusta Westland – Yeovil

Yeovil is home to several aircraft and defence manufacturers. As a result, it played a defining role in World War Two, where it was often the subject of intense bombing runs. Nowadays, AgustaWestland manufactures helicopters within the town, and Normalair Garratt produces oxygen systems for aircraft. BAE Systems also develops software for the British Military close to the town.

Jack the Treacle Eater, Yeovil

Jack the Treacle Eater

Perhaps the best-known symbol of Yeovil, ‘Jack the Treacle Eater’ is not actually located within Yeovil at all. Instead, it can be found in the nearby village of Barwick. Although, because this folly sits upon a hill, it can be seen within the town.

Yeovil's St John ChurchThe Anglican Church of St. John the Baptist located within Yeovil can be dated back to the 14th Century. It is well-known for its large 28 metre high tower. The church is listed as a Grade I building by English Heritage.

This is not the only church in town. There is also the Holy Ghost Church for Roman Catholics, three churches for Methodists, Salvation Army, and Baptist Church. There are also several other smaller churches dedicated to the Anglican Faith.

Octagon Theatre, Yeovil

Octagon Theatre, Yeovil

Owing to its large size, there are several amenities for the residents of Yeovil to enjoy. This includes two theatres; The Octagon and The Swan. There is also a large cinema and a bowling alley. Tourists who visit Yeovil often visit the Yeovil Railway Centre, which is a museum dedicated to the history of railway within the town

Yeovil was catapulted to international fame in April 2006 when it was the first place in the United Kingdom to require biometric fingerprinting to access nightclubs. Around the same time, the town committed to opening several sport centres for the youth of the town. These plans are still in limbo. While £21 million has been dedicated to the project, proposals continue to be rejected by the local council. It is the hope of planners that these proposals are accepted at some point in 2018, just to give the youth more areas to enjoy themselves.

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